Feirg It with Laughter:

A Collection of Laughter and Grief Videos

The Laughter and Grief Videos Included in this Collection were Selected By Volunteers with the Public Non-Profit My Grief Angels - MyGriefAngels.org

If you would like to suggest other videos to be included in this collection, please send your suggestion and their link to MyGriefAngels@gmail.com with the subject noted as Laughter and Grief. Thank You.

Laughter: A Treatment for Grief?

"Laughing Through Our Tears

Humor, mourning, and memory.


Key points

  • Grief can be relieved by humor.

  • "Sorry For Your Loss," a solo performance by Michael Kruz Kayne, proves that mourning is not predictable.

  • Humor reflects a Buddhist perspective and encourages resilience: what better resource for the pain of grief?

  • In psychotherapy, spontaneous laughter during suffering does not necessarily reflect denial and avoidance."