Feirg It by Taking Care of Your Health:

A Collection of Videos on How Grief Can Impact Our Health

The Videos on How Grief Can Impact Our Health Included in this Collection were Selected By Volunteers with the Public Non-Profit My Grief Angels - MyGriefAngels.org

If you would like to suggest other videos to be included in this collection, please send your suggestion and their link to MyGriefAngels@gmail.com with the subject noted as Health & Grief. Thank You.

When grieving the death of a loved one is not a time to be our own doctors. Grief can impact each of our health differently, and it is important that we seek medical attention when we are not feeling right.

Whether it is an annual physical or a visit to urgent care or a tele-health or virtual mental health consultation - If we are not feeling right, we need to seek help and guidance from licensed healthcare professionals.