Feirg It with Grief Travel:

A Collection of Videos and Articles on Grief and Travelling

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How Travel Can Help Us Process Grief, Trauma, and Anxiety

Whether we are healing from pandemic trauma, personal tragedy, or other mental or physical health challenges, travel has an ability to play a critical role in the recovery journey, research shows.


"In February 2022, Adam Sawyer lost his whole world. A catastrophic fire burned down his house near Mount Rainier and claimed his partner’s life. In the year since, Sawyer has frequently set out into nature, often retracing the trails he walked—and journeys he took—with his late partner.

“I was purposefully going to places that she and I had traveled to together before. It seems like a means of self-flagellation, but it was also a way to really lean into the grieving process....

There are “numerous lasting benefits travel can have on your mental state.” They include:

  • Lowered stress and anxiety: Travel provides a mental reset, which reduces your overall stress and anxiety levels...

In fact, the gains are so pronounced that in January 2022, Canada’s national parks service Parks Canada developed a program called PaRx that allows doctors to actually prescribe travel by way of a free annual pass to Canada’s national parks for patients who could benefit from time spent in nature...."

How to Take a Vacation While Grieving


"Focus on you

Whether you’re travelling solo, with a group of friends, or on a group tour, make sure everyone travelling with you understands what you’re going through. You don’t need to tell them every little detail of the situation if it’s too hard, but everyone should be aware that you may need a day or two to adjust, or that you may not be thrilled with every new sight.

Grief has a way of making the world go gray around the edges, and it doesn’t usually care what beautiful sights it’s shading over.

It’s okay if you don’t feel as thrilled and excited as you usually do when you’re travelling – think about those things you’ve always dreamed of seeing or doing, and seek them out. If your travel companions don’t want to participate, that’s okay too: sometimes, taking a walk by yourself to experience something important to you can be incredibly healing..."