Feirg It with Art:

A Collection of Grief Art Articles & Videos

The Grief Art Videos Included in this Collection were Selected By Volunteers with the Public Non-Profit My Grief Angels - MyGriefAngels.org

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How to Use Art to Help You Cope with Grief


"When you’ve had a significant loss, grieving can be overwhelming. Sometimes expressing your pain may help, and art can be one way to do that.

If you’d like to explore art as a therapeutic tool to cope with grief, you may consider doing something that you’ve enjoyed in the past first. For example, if you find that music soothes you, you could try dancing or singing for emotional release.

Although these artistic activities may provide some relief, they aren’t a substitute for professional support..."

Visual arts


Music and dance




Tattoo Art

and Others"

Grief - Connections - The Metropolitan Museum of Art:


"Grief - Curator of European paintings Andrea Bayer traces her process of mourning after her parents' recent deaths...

It was a completely inner experience for me,

as if I had been enclosed in one of those great hoods,

completely wrapped in my own grief."